Reclaimed Rags

Reclaimed Rags

Reclaimed rags are a perfect solution for your business. Many times mechanic shops, janitorial services, cleaning companies, and everyone else that needs wiping rags spend millions of dollars buy brand new rags only to throw them away. At San Benito Textiles, we believe in the reclaimed, up-cycle process.

All of our rags are from reclaimed materials like shirts, jeans, pants, denim, tees and more. At our facility in South Texas, we process all the materials that come in, to create wiping rags and more. These are perfect for your shop to use a few times, then dispose of without costing you a fortune.

San Benito Textiles understands the importance of your bottom line, and that’s why our reclaimed rags are for sale. Interested, call us today for a price quote: 956-361-0282


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